Trivia Night – June 3

Trivia Night
Friday, Jun 03 at 7:00 PM

Trivia will be set up on The Hill with the questions projected onto the big screen. Bring your favorite beverages to enjoy. You can set up your own picnic or you can patronize the food truck.

There is six rounds of three questions. Plus,a half-time question and a final question. There will be an audio round. The questions will undoubtedly continue to reflect a bias towards sports, geography, and 1980s pop culture.

There is no limit on team size, but starts to get pretty unwieldy when the team size exceeds the seating capacity of the table.

If you do not have a team, you are a free agent and can join any team, or you can just gather some friends and start your own team.

Can the Scruffy Nerfherders defend the WCRA trivia title?  Can M.O.W. Industries reclaim the title?  Can the Purple Puppy Cheetahs return to glory?  Can Pop Rocks prove that the 2018 championship wasn’t just luck?  Can The Old Guard overcome the Barnsback trophy purchase curse?  Will Trivia Newton John, The Question Heirs, The Triviots, & Quizzness in the Front Party in the Back prove that they are more than just great team names?  Will 2022 be the year for Got Byuns, Hon?, Team Baby Pool, Team Ferrari, Regina Phalange, FAST, or Team Smoke Screen?  Will an unknown team form and emerge as the champion?

All these questions will be answered during the 2022 WCRA Trivia season!

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