Join the Club

Thank you for your interest in becoming a bonded member at WCRA!

At this time WCRA has no permanent memberships available for purchase. While you are on the waitlist to purchase a bonded membership, we may be able to offer you a temporary “rental” membership good for the current year’s swim season only.

Please see your next steps for joining our waitlist and acquiring a temporary membership below:

– You must make a $200 deposit toward your bonded membership and you are required to pay temporary member dues ($650) for the bond that you are renting. Therefore, you will be charged an initial $850.

– While renting a membership for the summer, you have full access to the facility and can enjoy all the “perks” of being a bonded member: access to social activities, your children can join our swim, dive and tennis teams, and you can have up to 8 members of your household on the account, so babysitters and grandparents can be included.

– It is possible that you will be offered a bond to purchase during the swim season. You are required to purchase it when offered or you forfeit the $200 deposit (at that time you will be charged $750 toward your refundable bond).

– We will deduct the $200 fee from either your bonded or military membership when a membership becomes available, so you will not “lose” your $200 deposit. The only exception is if you decline a bonded membership when you are offered one. In that case, your $200 deposit would not be refunded.

Wait List Application

Our Application Fee which will be deducted from your Bond Fee, paid upon joining the club.