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Facility Reservations
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Read before reserving

Please read ALL of the below guidelines for your hill or deck reservation.  No reservations are final until you have paid the $5 fee and given us an estimate of the number of people attending at checkout. (Click on the desired date for your reservation to the left and then the desired start time to begin the booking process.)

Additional Information

Hill Reservations: Note that a reservation does not entitle any group to exclusive use of the hill or correlate to any specific areas or picnic tables.  The hill remains open to all members at all times.  The purpose of the reservation system is to avoid more than two families holding large gatherings and, thereby, overcrowding. The Pool Board reserves the right to cancel any reservations.

Lido Deck Reservations: The Lido Deck (Wooden deck adjacent to wading pool) reservation does provide exclusive access to the deck for the duration of your reservation. The Pool Board reserves the right to cancel any reservations.

Reservations are limited to 4 hours, including set-up and clean-up.  Please clean-up before your reservation ends and bring full garbage bags to the dumpster.  Please have your reservation area vacated in time for the next reservation.  End of day reservations should be complete and clean by 8:45 PM. All guests must leave the pool by 9:00.

Please pay for all non-member Guest Passes through our member portal in advance of your reservation.  (Non-member guests should indicate at the front entrance that they are using your guest passes.)  RESERVATIONS ARE LIMTED TO 30 GUESTS. Please make an inquiry of the Board for any unusual circumstances:   WCRABoard@wakefieldchapelrec.org

Of course, please be courteous to any other members using the hilltop during your reservation and the lifeguards.  Members are responsible for non-member guests.


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