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Social Activities

Pool fun is just around the corner!

Pool season will be here before we know it and we’re looking forward to pool-side relaxation, warm, sunny days, crystal-blue water, AND POOL PARTIES!  We are busy pulling together WCRA’s final 2019 social calendar and looking for hosts for Family Fun Night/Charity Benefit, Ladies Night, Teen Party, Adult Party, 55+ Adult Party, and Closing Weekend Picnic.  Partner with other members or host solo!  We will help you with logistics.  If you are interested in helping our pool community by hosting a fun-filled social gathering, please write to  and we will find a date that fits your schedule.

It takes a village

Thank you so much to these members who have already offered to host this summer:  Kris Anderson, Matt & Melissa Aune, Jenny Champagne, Brian Collins, Michelle & Rebecca Fay, Cary Fichtner-Vu, Danny Heltzel, Katrena Henderson & Charlie Tapp, Kim Marshall, Sommer Mostafavi, Brad Otto, and Katherine Schultz.  And you can help make our pool one of the best in the area, too – join the fun by writing to  with your event of interest and availability.

Mark your calendars - here are events & activities planned so far:

5/26         Opening Weekend Picnic (5pm – 8pm) – hosted by your WCRA Board

6/8           Craft Beer Tasting (7pm – 10pm) – hosted by Matt & Melissa Aune

6/14         Tween party (3:30pm – 5:30pm) – hosted by Jenny Champagne & Sommer Mostafavi

7/13         Adult Party ( 7pm  –  11pm ) – hosted by Katrena Henderson & Charlie Tapp 

7/14         Kids party (12pm – 3pm) – hosted by Michael & Rebecca Fay

7/26         Pirate & Mermaid Night (6pm – 8:30pm) – hosted by Katherine Schultz

8/3           55+ Adult party (7pm – 10pm) – hosted by Pat Sawhney and Donna Smith

8/25         Crab Feast (3pm – 7pm) – hosted by Cary Fichtner-Vu

9/1           Closing Weekend Picnic (5pm – 8pm)

9/8           Dog Swim (8pm – 9pm)

9/13         Men’s Night (7pm – 11pm) – hosted by Brad Otto

The following dates are tentative and could change based on hosts’ availability & schedules:

6/15         Family Fun Night/Charity Benefit (4pm – 8:30pm)

6/29         Ladies Night (7pm – 11pm)

7/7           Teen Party (6pm – 9pm)

And there’s more!

  • Adult AM Swim:  Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5/28 through 8/29, 5am – 7am
  • Food Truck Fridays:  Fridays, 5/24 through 8/30, 5pm – 8pm (except 6/21)
  • Grill on the Hill:  Sundays, 6/2 through 8/25, 5pm – 8pm
  • Movie Night:  August Fridays, 8/2 through 8/30, 7pm – 9pm
  • Raft Night:  August Fridays, 8/2 through 8/30, 6pm – 9pm
  • Synergy Bootcamp:  Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, 4/1 through 5/3, 6am – 7am (except 4/15-19)
  • Trivia Night hosted by Patrick Smith: Last Friday of each month, 5/31, 6/28, 7/26, and 8/30 (7 pm)
  • Yoga Class:  Tuesdays & Fridays, 4/23 through 8/2, 6:15am – 7:15am
  • Water Aerobics:  Looking for an instructor.  Do you know someone?

Dates are subject to change: Please be sure to visit this page regularly or follow us on Facebook (wakefield.chapel.rec.assoc) for the latest information.  Hope to see you at WCRA!