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Social Activities

Pool season starts in less than two weeks and we have many social events and activities to look forward to (see list below), starting with Food Truck Friday featuring Sloppy Mama’s BBQ on May 24 (5-8 pm) and Opening Weekend Picnic hosted by the WCRA board on May 26 (3- 8:45 pm). We are still looking for hosts for Family Fun Night/Charity Benefit, Teen Party, and Closing Weekend Picnic. If you would like to lend a hand, please write to .

WCRA Opening Weekend Picnic – hosted by the WCRA Board
Join us on Sunday, May 26, from 3-8:45 pm (rain or shine) to kick off the pool season with Willard's Real Pit BBQ pulled pork, brisket, and pulled chicken (the holy trinity of BBQ), baked beans and coleslaw, sides from the community, optional hot dogs for the kids, tea, lemonade, cookies, and other desserts. Price ranges from 1/4 pound of meat plus trimmings for $12, and 1/8 pound meat or hot dog plus all the trimmings for $7. We will have activities for the kids, including a moon bounce, float races, diving for sea animals, fish tattoos, and prizes. Deadline to register is May 21. Click here to register.

Craft Beer Tasting: Eight more beers!
Saturday, June 8th, 7-10pm
Hosted by Matt and Melissa Aune with food by Cary Fichtner-Vu
Mark your calendars! The WCRA Local Craft Beer Tasting is back with eight new ​beers, all brewed within a couple of hours drive. Registration is $17 and includes a 4 oz. Sample pour of 8 unique local beers with bite-sized food pairings for each, plus a bottle, can or pour of one of your favorites. Registration is limited to 125, so be sure to sign up early! Click here to register.

Mark your calendars:

5/24      Food Truck Friday (5-8pm) – Sloppy Mama’s BBQ

5/26      Opening Weekend Picnic (5-8pm) – hosted by WCRA Board

5/31      Food Truck Friday (5-8pm) – TBD & Trivia Night (7-9pm) – hosted by Patrick Smith

6/8        Craft Beer Tasting (7-10pm) – hosted by Matt & Melissa Aune

6/17      Tween party (3-5pm) – hosted by Jenny Champagne & Sommer Mostafavi

6/22      Ladies Night (7-11pm) – hosted by Liz Collins & Meghan Test [pool closed]

7/13      Adult Party (7-11pm) – hosted by Katrena Henderson, Charlie Tapp, Cori & Greg Parker, and Season & Will Crawford [Pool closed]

7/14      Kids party (12-3pm) – hosted by Michael & Rebecca Fay

7/26      Pirate & Mermaid Night (6-8:30pm) – hosted by Katherine Schultz

8/3        55+ Adult party (7-10pm) – hosted by Pat Sawhney and Donna Smith

8/25      Crab Feast (3-7pm) – hosted by Cary Fichtner-Vu

9/1        Closing Weekend Picnic (5-8pm)

9/8        Dog Swim (8-9pm)

9/13      Men’s Night (7-11pm) – hosted by Brad Otto

The following dates are tentative and could change based on hosts’ availability & schedules:

6/15         Family Fun Night/Charity Benefit (4-8:30pm)

7/7           Teen Party (6–9pm)

And there’s more!

Adult AM Swim: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5/28 through 8/29, 5-7am

Food Truck Fridays: Fridays, 5/24 through 8/30, 5-8pm (except 6/21)

Grill on the Hill: Sundays, 6/2 through 8/25, 5-8pm

Movie Night: August Fridays, 8/2 through 8/30, 7-9pm

Raft Night: August Fridays, 8/2 through 8/30, 6-9pm

Synergy Bootcamp (Details/register): Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, 4/1 through 5/3, 6-7am (except 4/15-19)

Trivia Night hosted by Patrick Smith: Last Friday of each month, 5/31, 6/28, 7/26, an 8/30 (7 pm)

Yoga Class (Details/register): Tuesdays & Fridays, 4/23 through 6/7 and 7/12 through 8/2, 6:15 -7:15am

Water Aerobics (Details/register): Tuesday & Thursday, 6/18 through 8/1, 4-5 pm

Dates are subject to change: Please be sure to visit this page regularly or follow us on Facebook (wakefield.chapel.rec.assoc) for the latest information.  Hope to see you at WCRA!